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Are you a gas station retailer looking to increase revenues?

Check out these impressive statistics and figures below. They don’t lie when it comes to the return on investment you get from gas station advertising: Gas Station Advertising for Retailers


  • When promoting a convenience store special, gas stations show 13 – 30 % increase in product sales.
  • Recent survey shows over 90% customer satisfaction.
  • Participating gas stations show over 5% increase in traffic and repeat business.
  • We offer gas retailers the opportunity to enhance their customer experience and increase revenue.
  • Eye catching digital pump top displays will attract more customers and establish a major competitive advantage
  • We offer a safe, hassle-free product that requires no landlord responsibilities and provides great benefits to retailers
  • PMI’s program has been exclusively designed and tailored to provide a win – win atmosphere for gas station owners and advertisers
  • Our digital pump toppers are exclusively designed and engineered for the atmosphere of a gas station to provide a unique and stunning add-on to any gas station. The enclosure is built to be safe and secure, avoiding any risks which may be involved with a gas station.
  • PMI is committed to providing the best quality service bringing a new and and improved experience for advertisers, store owners and the consumer at every gas station.


What You Should Know as a Gas Retailer..How we can help you!

Gas Station Retailers at the Pump

  • Our Digital pump toppers draw a captive audience. As people fill their tanks, their attention to the price per litre minimizes as they are more focused on the multi-media being delivered.
  • Research indicates that consumers exposed to advertisements are sparked with interest to purchase the product advertised. Through this medium, we are able to drive more consumers into your convenience store during their visit to your gas station.
  • PMI offers a great competitive advantage over the gas station next door that is not modernized, and does not offer the eye catching technological entertainment system at each of their pumps.
  • You will have the opportunity to advertise your supplemental products which consumers may not know or think about i.e. car wash, oil change
  • Digital pump toppers command a great amount attention during all hours of the day and especially at night when the gas station is lit up.
  • Enhanced customer experience: the digital pump toppers will create a completely new, unique and entertaining experience for consumers as they spend their time filling gas.
  • No investment involved or liability for you, the store owner.
  • Elegant, safe, and secure design will create a more pleasant and high tech atmosphere.
  • Compact design that installs into most multi-product gas dispensers.
  • Approved by major oil companies.
  • PMI is responsible for all costs relating to: installation, lighting and maintenance. It essentially provides free advertising for you!
  • Customer feels safer in a more lit environment.


“70% of consumers pay at the fuel pump – so why not up sell to other products inside the convenience store?”