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Advertiser benefits of our neighbourhood TV network:

There are literally dozens of benefits to advertising on our neighbourhood TV network, many of which are below:


Gas Station Advertising

  • A receptive and highly captive audience is the best reason!
  • Most gas stations are open 24 hours a day, so the advertising media gets 24/7 exposure
  • Advertising reaches audiences where billboards and other ads are restricted
  • 70% of consumers pay at the fuel pump
  • View time is approximately 5 minutes compared to 7 seconds for traditional outdoor advertising
  • More than 90% of consumers notice the screens
  • 75% ad recall rate is higher than traditional out-of-home advertising
  • 72% of consumers consider at-the-pump advertising a good source of product information
  • Delivers advertisers a data driven, verifiable, identified consumer with measurable frequency
  • Can be used in connection with current in-store advertising
  • Our Digital Network gives the advertiser the ability to run campaigns at certain time blocks during the day, and switching over to show relevant information depending on the time of the day. That means advertisers are in control of what is displayed to consumers!
  • Advertisers are able to display different types of ad content (broadcast TV, live TV, images, text based ads, etc) instead of just printed ads. Even all on the same screen at the same time!
  • Quality sound to capture attention and communicate advertisers message
  • Reach consumers closer to the point of sale
  • With gas station advertising, you are able to reach the consumer when they are in a ‘dead zone.’